Hello, I just wanted to drop off a suggestion for your RoM pledge manager.
When I go to click on the add-ons, all I get is a box-cover with unprepossessing art that isn't very large. Given that this is your last chance to make sales for the add-ons, might I suggest (if possible) that clicking on them would take you to a more detailed description of what the add-on is about and whats in it. IIRC, the RoM kickstarter had some reasonably detailed info on each add-on and artist's renderings of the figs in the add-on.
If you want to sell the add-ons (and I assume you do) you need to make them enticing. Rackham-style box covers are just sort of "Huh. Not sure what I'm looking at here."
I backed it because it seemed like a cool game with an unusual flavor. I'd like to see you guys do well with it.