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    Alright guys, short and sweet and to the point.

    I am looking for some stat card resources. I wasn't sure if I could get some PNGs or JPEGS of the individual parts of a stat cards for a video I'm working on. I am without image editing software at this time so I was unsure if anyone has already pre-done the work for me? Separate pieces of the Unit Class Icons, the Boot marker for movement? Etc Etc. I would appreciate it greatly.

    I also noticed in the card maker there are a few resources missing (like certain hero plug pics and other such things). I'm considering going to the office supply store and getting my other cards scanned in so I have them for the channel. Just in case.

    Any help appreciated. Thanks everybody.
    ~Lieutenant Nathaniel Flint of the Landship Scorpios

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    No, sorry, I can cut them out squared but not the odd shapes and that will leave a background.

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