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    Hello, i'm one of the Admins of the Confrontation EVOlution project, the evolution of Rackham's Confrontation game.
    We made a kick-ass version of Confrontation which is balanced, free and very very very fun to play (it took us 7 years of iterations)!
    You can find a descriptive pdf here:

    Here is the rulebook, on the same website you'll find also the army books:

    Here is the facebook page you can like in order to stay tuned on the subject, we have many enthusiast fans, so if you liked that game and those minis, you should give it a try!!

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    Love your site, but the language barrier is still a bit hard.

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    sounds good to see confrotation returns! id like to see more

    thanks for the good effort.
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    Well this has made my day a bit. I used to love confronts and raganarok. I still have all my old rule books and box sets. And a quite large wolfen collection. With a few still to paint. Think I’ll have a good look at this.

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