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Thread: HaylandTerrain - 28mm Modern STL Files - Kickstarter! 700% Funded!

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    Default HaylandTerrain - 28mm Modern STL Files - Kickstarter! 700% Funded!

    Hello Everyone! We currently have a kickstarter going for 28mm Stl files for 3d printing Modern table-top gaming!


    Hayland Terrain Is a new table-top terrain company in Nottingham, we are Very excited to bring you our latest product Universal tiles and 28mm Terrain and Accessories range,
    We are wanting to Release Affordable Gaming Terrain, we were inspired to make this perfect for any apocalyptic or Modern Games, For example, The walking dead, Zombicide and many others!
    These tiles are made with Modern and apocalyptic games in mind with this, Our tiles are perfectly made to fit 4 miniatures on them per tile! Also with a shorter wall, this allows for easier game play,
    as with other systems, it can prove awkward to move your mini's about but with our tiles, their is more freedom.
    We're Introducing our Range on Kickstarter as we have all the files ready and designed and tested, We have some special sets to release!
    Now myself, I Previously worked with Mantic Games on their kickstarters in the past, Working on their Kings Of War, Dreadball and Deadzone Kickstarters,
    One of my Main goals for this kickstarter was to offer lot's of terrain for an affordable price but without a really long print time (More Terrain!!) and also no rafts or supports, we have done everything to make sure all of our products are Print, Paint, Play.
    We are trying to keep all of our items print time under 2 hours!
    They are Printed only standard (0.18), but you get some of the best detail


    Let us know what you think!

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