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    After completing our first couple quests last night, we ran into a couple of issues regarding Quest Tokens and PVP. During the District of Hammers quest there is a PVE quest called Find the Lost Weapons, where you have to collect one of two Quest Tokens to receive a weapon card. Ok my question(s):

    1. In the rules it states that upon the death of a character they lose all of their exploration Tokens including quest tokens, so does that mean that if someone completes the Lost Weapons quest can you kill their character to take the token and weapon from them? Or once they take the token does it "turn into a weapon" basically?

    2. If you kill said character, does that mean that they don't get credit for the quest or would they still mark the quest as complete??

    I hope I made myself clear as to what I'm asking. I might be looking into the rules a bit but something about the wording just seemed a bit confusing. Thanks in advance.

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    I should read the specific scenario rules, but I would say they don't loose the weapon.

    There are other scenarios were you need to bring a quest token from "A" to "B" if you die on your path trying to accomplish it, you drop the quest token so another champ may come and take it, but once you have completed a quest, you cannot not "undo" it.
    So that's why I assume, you don't loose the weapon in this specific case.
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    Ok I didn't think so but I just thought I would check. Thanks for the reply.

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