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    Hello !

    I've always thought WIPs of my minis were looking way better than the finished minis... So why not open my own humble thread to share it with you?
    I've seen so much good advices on these forums, so maybe this could help me improve my painting skills...

    To open it I'd like to share with you my current project: the almighty Harry the Hammer. Always wanted to paint this mini, and now I can!
    Second time I'm trying myself at NMM, first time I ended up with a very yellowish gold, wasn't happy with it. Using ivory instead of yellow helps to get a better look IMO

    Name:  18386450_1306343359458747_1710044304_n.jpg
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    Name:  18387207_1306342602792156_77974435_n.jpg
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    I've been on this mini for about 8 hours for the moment. I had really hard times painting the shoulder pads trim, metal sculpt isn't that great...
    I also have a big problem: the shield arm doesn't fit the mini at all. If any of you had the same issue, could you tell me how did you fix it?

    Thanks for looking, C&C are more than welcome!

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    Welcome to the forum! Everyone is usually very helpful because we all like to see new artists especially as they improve over time. I like your painting style, looks very smooth! As for the arm issue, I dont have this particular model but is the issue a big gap where the arm should attach? I know metal models seem to have this problem. If that is the case most ppl usually use green stuff to fill the gaps before priming the model, might be a harder fix to do now that you have started painting already.

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    Welcome to the forum. If it isn't fitting you will probably need to pin it nd fill the gap with some type of sculpting putty such as the greenstuff Guawol suggested. If that is the fix, you'll want to do it sooner than later as you will need to reprime the sculpted area.

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    Welcome to the forums! I like how your mini is coming out. As far as the gap with the arm.
    I would i would pin it using a small drill bit and a small metal rod.
    Then test fit it. After that I would fill in the gap with green stuff.
    Since you already started painting the mini you might look into brush on primers to cover the green stuff.

    still all in all nice work so far!

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    Welcome! Nice looking model, look forward to seeing it develop and any new projects you post up.

    The guys above seem to have you sorted on pinning and greenstuff filling advice.

    good luck!

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    Pinning seems the only viable idea, I'm not sure GS could fix it either... I'll post a pic once the shield part will fully finished, to show you how exactly is the problem. Thank you tho!

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    After a (very) long time without painting, I'm finally back in the business.
    I'll have to varnish the whole mini before pinning it, don't want to ruin the paint when I'll pin it. I'll have to use some GS around his arm, hopefully it will be hidden behind the shield.

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    Left leg and shield are obviously not glued, was a nightmare to hold everything while taking this pic

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    Coming along really nicely, NMM looks great. What colours/paints did you use for the gold?

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