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Thread: Dante's Inferno on Kickstarter - Aradia Miniatures

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    Default Dante's Inferno on Kickstarter - Aradia Miniatures

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    We are live now on Kickstarter!
    We're launching a new series of collectible miniatures based on the Dante's masterpiece, as always casted in high quality resin. For painters and collectors
    If you like our project, please help us to spread the word and reach all the goals!


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    If you want to watch a video review of some of our upcoming models, you can take a look at the following link!
    Our friends from Craftworld Studio have done an amazing video review.

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    The Gorgon: Medusa
    Available on Dante's Inferno Kickstarter!
    Concept: Stefano Moroni
    Sculptor: Pedro Fernandez Ramos
    Box art: Mirko Cavalloni
    High quality resin kit
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    Just 5 days left to the end of our Kickstarter!

    Here you can see some pictures of our models next to a ruler and a GW miniature: these images should give you an idea of the real size of our new collectible miniatures!
    All the figures are in 75 mm scale except that the Kickstarter Exclusive "The lovers" (Paolo and Francesca) that are in 32 mm scale.

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    By popular demand, we have decided to lower the Stretch-Goal of Beatrice - the celestial woman who Dante meet at the end PURGATORIO and who guides the poet in PARADISO / Heaven - from 39K to 33K: simply at 33K she will have less discount than our forecast...but if the project will grow over 35K, the discount will increase.
    · At 33K Beatrice will be available for 70 CHF
    · At 35K Beatrice will be available for 60 CHF
    · At 39K Beatrice will be available for 50 CHF

    So if you want to get Beatrice, you can add 70 CHF to your pledge and try to unlock this figure within the end of the campaign (you can remove the 70 CHF in every moment before the end of the campaign if she won't be unlocked).
    The retail price of this huge kit after campaign will be 100 CHF! If with your help we'll reach the 33K goal, Benoit Cauchies will start to sculpt Beatrice (and the Gryphon, of course!) immediately and you'll see the first w.i.p. in June.
    Benoit has done many successfull project with us and we can guarantee that the sculpture will be another masterpiece but, in case the scupt does not reflect your expectations, you can convert the value of Beatrice into a coupon of the same value to spend on our website!!

    What else?! JUST 3 DAYS LEFT TO THE END of our first adventure on Kickstarter, Your support has been really great so far, we ask you a last help: spread the word among your painters friends about our project, THE COUNTDOWN IS STARTED!! THANK YOU!!

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