Hello everyone, I posted these questions elsewhere and couldn't get answers. I figured I'd try here.

1) Searing vs Thorny Braces

If this rolls any Hits against a Hero, Saves scored by the Defense roll count as Wounds against him instead.

Thorny Bracer
Each Hit cancelled by this Hero's Defense roll deals 1 Wound and 1 Damnation to the attacking Hero.

So to be sure, if attacker rolls 2 hits with Searing and defender rolls 3 shields, the defender takes 5 damage but the attacker doesn't take anything because Searing doesn't allow hits to be cancelled - Thus Thorny Braces is ineffective at all in the situation?

2) Intimidate (Pet Item) -
Deal 1 Wound to Enemies that leave a Space Close to this Pet (limit 1 Wound per Enemy per turn).

Does forced movement count as "Leave"?

Example, player A has Jamon the boar as a pet whose ability states that if he ends his movement in a square, he can shove characters on the spot he is standing on.

Do the shoved character count as "leaving" thus take a wound from intimidate?

What about Shockwave\Windblast?

While we're at it, what about Portal usage?

3) On the subject of Jamon, his higher level ability says he can shove everyone on the square he stands on to close spaces -

Does he have to shove everyone or can he chose to shove X but not Y?
Does he have to shove everyone to the same spot? Or can he split people up?

4) If a monster, let's say The Judge, guards an angel. I'm not talking about the mission where they walk together, I'm talking about a mission where the angel is stationary and says it cannot be moved.
If Judge is attacked, he can move and payback (assume no overkill) and he has the Shove ability which can move people he goes into their square.

So - Can the person controlling the judge decide to move him into the square containing the angel and shove him backwards?
The scenario says the angel cannot move, but does that include being Shoved?

5) The Parade scenario -
The mission says the Judge moves on a path. What if something moves the judge out of the path?
What happens now during the next player's turn?

6) Scrag's 2nd level shows he has less life than his level 1. Is this a typo? Cause it makes absolutely no sense.
Same with 3rd.

7) The pet panda's ability says that if an enemy hero attacks close owners, they must take a wound.
What if an enemy hero uses a multi target attack (example Cleave) and attacks 2 owner heroes that are close to the panda.
Does the attacking enemy hero take 1 wound or 2 wounds?

8) If an enemy pet is standing on a square with an exploration token, when I walk with my hero on it, do I get to pick the exploration token?
Or does enemy pets considered an enemy in the square (despite not occupying the square)?