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    Hi All-

    I was really enthusiastic about Wrath of Kings and specifically about House Hadross when I started playing, but I've really become disillusioned of late. I feel like all of my skirmish builds (the level we play around here) look pretty much the same: Torvosh, Deepmen, a few Sevridan on a Crab with a Friar, and the Cavalier. It's fine, it's functional, but its gotten a little stale for me. My efforts to use other pieces have been really frustrated- Carcharians of both types haven't really worked out for me, and I find myself getting deeply jealous of the other factions, who seem to have more viable build options (maybe it's because they have more than one Rank One infantry choice?). I'm also struggling with motivations- I find that at least two of ours (can't remember the names off the top of my head; the ones that require us to get into the enemy D and C DZ's) have been nearly impossible for me to accomplish because we set up so much stuff in zone A and are so slow.

    I'm sure 90% of this is operator error, rather than a problem with the army itself...can somebody help me rediscover my love of all things scaly? I'm open to any and all advice, because I really want to love the game, but it's gotten a little stale.

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    In my opinion, the best thing is to play two different armies. That way, you can change it up a bit. Also, pick up a couple of the specialists if you haven't done so yet. Changing the structure of the army means that you should also change your play style. If you change your troops, but don't change the play style, they will probably do worse. Each of the troops has a "specialty" that should be used to maximize their abilities.

    Hope you rediscover your love of WoK.

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