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    Have been working on some nurgle, second time around with this miniature, but a great model to play around with.
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    Hi All
    Slowly getting back into this after a long spell. I'm hoping that being more active in the hobby helps with the motivation. I actually finished this guy before calling it quits. May start afresh with some good old nurgle.

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    Awakening of Nurgle :-)
    Is that dust on the mini? Possibly you can get rid of this with some Lighter activities w/o damaging the mini?
    Or did you bring it onto it by intention?

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    Definitely a good layer of dust, I didn't notice that before posting, may need a little clean, not really nurgle thing though.

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    After a clean
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    Wow! There was a lot of dust on it. If you now wanna give it a final touch you could do some cosmetics on the highlights, e.g. the hair of the head, which is connected to the blade.
    And some details on the pox. The slimy base is on really good shape to my mind.

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    I actually liked the dust on it, made it look like the whole thing was going moldy. That base looks really putrid (in a good way for this figure)

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    Thanks for the positive comments and hints. I will try to add some more highlights over the weekend, it was an awkward moment when I was attempting to clean one of the Great Unclean Ones minions.

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    A few more changes, highlights and softening the greens and blues. I have been enjoying slowly getting back into it. Sorry about the side-ways photo-I tried uploading on my phone and then move to the laptop. Can't seem to delete the first picture.
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    Attempting to get back on the wagon. Started with a Conan model. Going to keep it simple and do this one straight from the box.

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    Loving the Nurgle, as always. Awesome Conan figure too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gemini7673 View Post
    Loving the Nurgle, as always. Awesome Conan figure too.
    Thanks Gemini7673, trying to get back into the hobby but it's a fight at times for medical reasons. Two fun, and in the case of Conan, straight-forward figurines seem to help.
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    More progress, being having a bit of fun with the skin tones.

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    Looks good! That last photo is a bit small to see details though.
    I like your nurgle warrior too, that bright green really draws the eye in the middle of all the pleasantly desaturated colors.

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    Thanks gorb, a little more progress, went a little over-board with the skin but will adjust when I put him on his stand.

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    First bust, testing to see size of uploads to get better at uploading photos.

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    2nd attempt

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    Welcome back

    The pictures work and I like what I see. The colorsceme works well and I lke the strong conrast of the blue eyes to draw the focus onto the face. I have yet to paint my first bust and I'm a bit curious if my painting habits work on this bigger scale.

    Some points of critique:
    The paint looks quite glossy, did you use oil paints or was the acrylic paint quite thick?
    if it were thick acrylics try to thin them down just a little bit with water. When you use a wetpalette, it's sometimes even enough to spread the paint with a damp brush on the palette. The paint soaks the water through the paper membrane and thins down. Over longer time it can even become to thin.

    Tidiness -> the mini has some noise, meas it's hard to tell different parts apart. For example the the chain of his necklace and the leather belt over his chest are "hard" to identify next to the fur. Although hard is relative, most painters try to make details "pop out" by creating contrast and seperating parts. for example some highlights on the fur and some edge highlights on the belt and chain would already vastly improve the contrast and contribute to the "readability" of the mini.

    Hope I could help you a bit with that.
    Keep painting and keep posting

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    Thanks for the feedback, helped a lot to be honest. I have only just started on the wet pallet method and usually do a layering style of paint. I've always wondered why my photos had a gloss look and there's the answer. It will be interesting to see the difference, thanks again.

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