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    Practice makes perfect, enjoy it!

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    Just read this thread now and wow! For someone who's new to painting, I think your stuff is amazing. I've been painting for quite a while, and I know I'm not at your level. The bases especially look very cool. Nice job. Looking forward to seeing what's next.

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    I spend the whole day painting the cloak using different techniques like layering or glazing, but it all was looking rather horrible, so I kept repainting. I got frustrated and decided I will paint this model the GW way, so what I was doing before, just washes and edge highlights, I need to finish it as soon as possible and move to different things as this is not doing me any good. Frustrating when all you try turns out shit, but I guess its normal at the beginning.

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    Post some picts to get some feed back on the cloak.
    Remember to take your time, there's no need to finish quick
    1. 'Painting is a companion with whom one may hope to walk a great part of life's journey.' W. Churchill
    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Ok, so after another repaint I'm at this stage. Started to shade green parts, wanted to incorporate some reds in the shadows. I don't even know how to tackle the dark blue part, I've been repainting blue parts like 5 times now and I cannot make it work.
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    1)Make a small "puddle" of your blue color. Now pull a portion of it (about 1/3rd) off to the right,... then add a bit of white into it to lighten it up. Use as your highlight color.

    2)Leave about 1/3rd of it in the middle,.. untouched. This is your base color,.. you'll need it for glazing/touch-ups later.

    3)Pull about 1/3rd to the left,... then add a bit of black to darken it. Use as your shadow.

    4)break the piece down into its basic elements,... hills and valleys. Apply highlights to hills,.. and shadows to the valleys.

    5)after dry,.. glaze a few thin layers of your base color over everything,.. this will help unify the colors.

    Hope this helps,...
    It's only a flesh wound!!!

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    Webmonkey, thanks for the good advice. That what I was trying to do, but the results were not so good. I think I have the theory stuff figured out after watching hundreds of hours of tutorials. It's the practical aspect that is the problem. It does look so easy when other people do that
    Anyway, I'll do another pass at the cloak today. Practice makes perfect I guess.

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    I did what I could on the green parts. It's not perfect, but I cannot do better with my current skill level. I also found out that my desk lamp is shit as only in daylight I saw all the imperfections. Need to buy better lamp I suppose.
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    Looks good so far buddy, don't be discouraged.

    The green part of the cloak could do with a central highlight down the middle of those greener areas. Personally I would take your green colour and a very faded light blue, thin then both down reasonably well. Add the smallest amount of the light blue into your green and paint over almost all the green of he cloak. Then a tiny bit more blue into the mix and exactly the same but over a slightly thinner area.

    It'll take time, but will give you a good feathered blend

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    I'm discouraged not only by lack of satisfying results, but also by the fact that I do not look forward to doing all the red armor again. I was thinking about stepping back on this mini and painting something else but I know myself and if I will not finish it now it will never be completed. And I really need it to be completed as the set would feel, we'll, incomplete

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    I finished the green part of the cloak. I tried to fix the blends and push highlights and shadows a little, but I was careful not to overdo it.
    I found out that glaze medium has some retarder in it, and I had some positive results with 2 brush blending. The paint was a little too thin due to using glaze medium and not a proper retarder, but I'm happy that there were any results am I going in the right direction?
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    This one is almost done. Very displeased with my performance. I rushed him to completion. This was a very frustrating experience for me, mainly due to the fact that this mini was assembled and primed almost two years ago and there were significant mould lines and structures were very uneven. My fault only, but now I will take very good care of prep process. Cloak also gave me a headache after 10 hours of repainting blue part which in the end I decided not to do at all. Only basecoat and wash. I wanted this mini completed and out of my desk once and for all. Need to paint the dog and base him and I'm officially done with AoS boxset! Hooray!
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    Not a lot of painting done during the last few days, spend some quality family time with wife and kid instead.
    I did almost finish Korghos dog, there are some spots that need fixing that I saw after I took the photo like the claws and other minor things but overall I'm happy with how I've painted him. Not the greatest work, but solid for the time invested.
    I wanted to give a lot of purplish tones into the shadows instead of just washing with Nuln Oil/Agrax Earthshade, I like the effect.
    I will work on the base tomorrow, I will post finished photos once it's done.
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    Finished! Finally AoS boxset is done. No more Khorne! Hooray!
    I can finally move to other things and start to really take my time on a single mini and try to improve my technique, which is severely lacking as I found out on this mini.
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    Nice work and congrats on finishing such a huge project, Ddmkr. That's one ugly ass dog.
    Don't sell yourself too short as a painter. There's a lot to be proud of on that Khorne dude, and if you're motivated to paint another figure to an even higher standard, then he did his part!

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    Its not about selling myself short. It's about knowing that I did not paint him to the best of my ability. But as you said this was a big project and I can certainly say that I will never be an "army painter". I much rather work on a one single mini at a time. Overall I learned a lot after painting those last minis. I know now that good prep process can go a long way. The other positive is that I changed my wet palette to a bigger one and are now using Masterson wet palette. Way better with the additional space.

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    Keep up the good work. Really liking the DOG.

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    Thanks! I've started to assemble Saint Celestine, Eleanor and Genevieve from Triumvirate of the Imperium box, this will be a nice change after painting 50 minis with red armor

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    Guys, my Green Stuff has not yet arrived, can you fill very little gaps in model with standard Milliput instead? Or maybe there is some other way to fill them before priming?

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    Yes you can. But here's a much simpler trick I learned at a pro seminar. Take some ardcoat and blob it on a tray or palette than take a hairdryer and heat it for about 4 seconds until it gets thick and pasty . After that just blob or dab it onto your holes etc.done.painless and easy ,always works.

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