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Thread: Another beginner WIP thread...

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    Looking good mate. Orange is a pain in the arse colour to work with but you’ve done well. Nice work highlighting all those scratches too!

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    I really would like to learn how to bring this "used effect" to an armour like you did for the Orc.
    Is there a tutorial or something online available? The effect is really looking cool!

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    I followed a tutorial created by Tomas Pekar - my version was very simple compared to his, but he's a Golden Demon winner and I just paint for tabletop
    You can check the tutorial here:

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    Third done, one to go!
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    These are nice and vibrant. I bet they are intimidating as hell on the table.

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    I will see when I will actually have a chance to play Shadespire, but that doesn't seem likely in the forseeable future

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    Another long break, that's because I was working on starting my YouTube account, lots of experimenting with video recording, etc, but I finally managed to make it all work (well, there are a lot of mistakes, but that's to be expected for the first time ).
    Check it out if you want!

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    Nice work! good video too, nice editing and good camera views of the model. I think you will succeed!

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    So I finally finished my Shadespire Orcs and also managed to record another video in the process
    Tell me what do you think.
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    Great video! +1 Subscriber

    Really professionel made video. Good lightning, sharp resolution good sound quality and editing. Love it.

    Also love the clean tabletop style. Will definetely try that texture stippling at some point

    Your voice kinda remembers me of an other youtuber. Sadly he didn't post anything new since a long time. Buypianted. Maybe you know him ?

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    Haha, yes, when I heard how my voice sounds (and how shitty my accent is) I also immediately thought about BuyPainted. I do not know him personally, but he's from the same country as me (Poland), so I guess we all sound alike

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    Sooo, yeaaaah. Long time no see. Had some mental issues, also been hella busy with my YouTube channel, recorded a couple of tutorials, painted a lot of minis (hell, I've painted more during the last 3 months that I've painted during the whole prior year, so that's something).

    A lot of quick tabletop stuff, but now I needed a break from one evening paintjobs and started my first more display oriented mini in almost a year. Also, first time doing NMM. I think it's the best painting I've ever done, still a long way to go, but I'm really happy with how I'm progressing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gorb View Post
    First time doing NMM?? This looks pro!
    Thanks I did some NMM once before, but it was only on a sword and a very small piece of armor (here - but this is the first time I'm doing it on this scale.

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    Agree with @gorb: this is a pretty nice job!

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    Thanks. It's good to be painting to a higher standard than tabletop again. I know that some highlight placement is inconsistent, but I think it's decent for a first attempt.

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    Nice. In some ways too nice...unless the symbol on the talbard is supposed to be metal you may want to mute the nmm type transitions to make it look like cloth. It might make the nmm of the armor look even more awesome. Of course take it with a grain of salt as your skill surpasses mine.

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    It's supposed to be metal. I wanted it to be gold to match the other symbols, but it was too similar to the cloth, so I repainted it to mimic the material of the armor.

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