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    Plastic putty from Vallejo does also the trick. What Bloodasmedium says is a faster and less hassle method though... Try and find out what is best for each case
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    Quote Originally Posted by BloodASmedium View Post
    Yes you can. But here's a much simpler trick I learned at a pro seminar. Take some ardcoat and blob it on a tray or palette than take a hairdryer and heat it for about 4 seconds until it gets thick and pasty . After that just blob or dab it onto your holes etc.done.painless and easy ,always works.
    Ardcoat is Citadel Gloss Varnish, right? I have Vallejo Gloss Varnish, I guess it's the same stuff. I'll try it, thanks!

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    Both of them will do the trick. I use to do it with super glue with small needle but that's very risky going every where so I don't recommend that for small minis.
    One day I will finish that mini

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    Thanks for the advice! I did try with gloss varnish and PVA glue, results were almost identical. Gaps are now filled.
    Not a lot painting during the last couple of days (and by not a lot I mean none), due to having guests at my house the whole week. I only managed to prime two models that I will paint next. I tried zenithal priming for the first time, I will check if it makes any difference when painting.
    On the plus side - my HobbyZone stuff arrived so I finally managed to get my paint rack and paint station sorted out, no more mess!

    Those 2 minis are almost identical and I would paint them both at the same time as I used to, but this time I will try a different approach and paint them seperately, that way I can fix any mistakes I did on the first one and try some other techniques and see what looks best.
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    Very busy time for me, so not a lot of painting, but I managed to squeeze in some quality hobby time yesterday.
    I decided to start with the wings of Saint Celestine as this is a "make-or-break" piece of the model, similiar to Korghos cloak. I screwed that one up and I was unhappy with the entire model - I did not want to repeat the same mistake.
    After the first botched attempt I stripped the paint and started again. This time I'm rather happy with the result.
    Don't pay attention to the metallic parts, they are nowhere near finished.
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    Only four pages in and I see sick improvements already. Also, your base building skills hints at you having a real knack at this. I look forward to seeing what you can do with more practise.

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    Thanks! Unfortunately I will not have much time to paint during summer due to various trips we're planning with my family but I'll try to paint whenever I got the chance. It will be hard though with temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius as the paint will dry even before I put it on the mini

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    I started to work on one of the models, basecoated gold armor parts and washed with Reikland Fleshshade. I started to work on the face - always a struggle for me, especially when the face is so obscured by armor and hair, but it's fine for now. I will probably go back to make adjustments on the face once I finish basecoating other colors.
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    It is more or less finished.
    I will make adjustments after I paint the second sister from the set and also Saint Celestine herself.
    I enjoyed painting this model and I'm pretty happy with the result. That was a big change after the pain that was Korghos Khul miniature. Finally enjoying myself as I should
    I will not base her as I have a little diorama planned for three of them (well, diorama is too big of a word for what I'm actually planning, let's just call it a base for 3 models )
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    Work is slow, but steady. Almost finished with the second sister, no picture needed as she is almost identical to the first, only difference is cloak painting technique as I'm trying different aproach, dunno which one is better, hard to tell yet.
    I started to work on a diorama/base for the 3 models, my first time trying to do that so I'm not sure how it will turn out in the end. Trying to do some ruined city landscape.
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    I went a bit overboard with the pigments as this was my first time using them.
    How to you fix them? I tried Vallejo Pigment Fixer and spray matte varnish but they lose their "powdery" feel after being treated with fixer. Dunno how to use them yet I guess.
    Second photo with temporarily attached minis.
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    Cool. That dark gray background really makes the blue and white wings pop.

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    Project "pseudo-diorama" completed. Went a bit overboard with the pigments as it was my first time using them. I'm glad it looks not completely awful for the first time building some scenery and not just slapping cork on a base. Overall I'm quite happy with the result. Fun models and I got a chance to try some new techniques.
    I will not post any updates for the next 6-7 weeks as I'm going away on holidays and I'm not taking any painting supplies with me. Cheers!
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    Wow the Blend on those wings is awesome! nice work!

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    Unfortunately the wings are not a result of my sick blending skills. It's just a power of an airbrush.

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    Nice holidays then!
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    ​Nice job on the diorama. Enjoy your time off!

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    So, I'm back! After a long holidays I'm back at my workshop and painting. Started with some basic stuff to ease me back into a proper rhytm
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    The starburst effect on those wings is really eye catching. Lovely work.

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    Just wanted to say I really like your stuff - it's really impressive, and heartening for another beginner to see somebody getting so good so quickly

    I completely agree with what you've said about photographs exposing mistakes and with lighting. I got myself a little LED light from amazon which has been really helpful - it's got a flexible stem so it's nice and easy to reposition, and it gives off a very bright, white light. Was also only fifteen quid or so, so no need to break the bank!

    Looking forward to seeing what you do next.

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