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Thread: Another beginner WIP thread...

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    that red its not newbie as the tittle states! you made a great job KUDOS
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    This guy has turned out looking awesome Ddmkr, and an outstanding base for him too!!!

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    Thanks guys!
    Unfortunately I did not finish him before I left for holidays. I tried to paint the sword in NMM but it turned out to be a complete disaster so I stripped it and will try again with a different approach (also NMM, but with less "hot spots" on each side). No painting until 8th January, much needed holidays (not needed because of painting but because of real life stuff).
    Merry Christmas everyone!

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    Ok - this took way too much time than expected, but I've finally finished The Visarch.
    There were a lot of "firsts" for me - first time doing NMM, first time doing a plinth style base, first time doing snow, etc.
    Overall I'm happy, although my blendings and NMM work is far from perfect. I will work on that in the future.
    The cloak has a noticeable shine - it was the only piece painted with Vallejo, rest of the model was painted with Scale75 paints. I might reduce the shine later with AK Ultra Matte to tie it all together.
    I wanted to keep him clean, without weathering, but now I think I might add some scratches to the sword - what do you think?
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    Well done Ddmkr this guy turned out fantastic !!! Was great watching it progress... hey, I wouldn’t stress too much about the sword as it is an elder (space elf) so a nice clean magical blade would be expected??? And it looks great as is!!!

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    Thanks! Yea - that was my reasoning too, him being an Eldar, so I wanted him clean and shiny that's also why I went for the azure steel, not the usual, more monochrome black/grey/white approach.

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    Also - uploaded him into the voting gallery if any of you want to vote

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    Voted ...this piece rocks hard bud. IMHO (being in an effects painter and a realistic style) I say weather, scratch, chip, scrape, stain, bloody, burst and batter everything .that being said this is not that and as such looks amazing. Just diff style. The piece though is extremely well painted.
    small idea if you’re like to keep in mind. I woukd have been tempted to use a green power sword as far as the reasoning of color theory-green being opp red on the wheel make them compliment one another nicely and give a bettter contrast . 5 types of ways to increase contrast on a model are1) dark/ light colors2) shines/ Matt (Metallics)3)textures4)warm/cool and 5)complimentary .
    Again doesn’t need it just things to keep in my to get the model more contrast through several diff ways.
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    I really love the way you painted the cape. It is a perfect fit to the fur. Shading is awesome. Great job!

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    bloodASmedium - good advice! I was thinking about if I should paint the sword as a power sword or as a regular steel sword and I decided to do it in azure steel - just as an exercise, due to my inexperience with NMM technique. But I agree, green sword would probably look awesome Your opinion means much for me, as I really admire you as a painter and I love your style!

    Overall I think that I made some good progress with my painting skills since I joined this forum 8 months ago, both due to your advice given in this WIP and just by looking at other people WIPs and being inspired, so - thanks to all of you
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    Looks great man, I think the slight shine on the cloak is ok as it would be made of different material, I also like the clean look, he looks more like he's about to start a fight

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    In contradiction to The Visarch, which took me like 2 months and is super clean, I decided to do a kinda-speedpaint in one-two evenings. I decided to do a Primaris Marine, heavy weathered this time. I never did any serious battle damage so I need some help - more? less? more pronounced? lighter highlights? break brush and throw mini into the bin?
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    Excellent work on the Eldar, really crisp painting .

    the weathering looks very good to me. Just the right amount

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    OK - project speedpaint (yea, speedpaint, 6h is a speedpaint for me ) completed. Well, almost, after I cleaned up the airbrush I noticed that I forgot to highlight the head - I will do that next time I use an airbrush. I went overboard with the battle damage, I know, but hell, why not. At least I had a lot of opportunities to practice battle damage I will dirty him up with some pigments when I base him.
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    Looks awesome man... never too much battle damage, if there’s space on the armour then there’s room for damage... looks like this marine has spent the whole battle protecting all his shiny metal bits though might need a bit of damage on the metallics??? Seriously though this looks great, and for 6hrs wow... I think a speed paint for me would be 6 days haha and I still wouldn’t finish it!!!

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    You know my take on damage -kill the shit out of it!!! One of the best mottos I came up with and Dan harden of white dwarf loved it so much it’s pretty much used throughout the bunker -“ WAR IS NEVER CLEAN!”””

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    Quote Originally Posted by BloodASmedium View Post
    I LOVE IT!
    I want to dirty him up with some pigments, but I've had mixed results using pigments before and I do not want to screw him up. How would you go about it? I want to achieve a dusted effect, maybe a bit of mud on the boots.

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    I've never used pigments but if your worried about it you could drybrush around his feet and lower leg armour with a few shades of brown (that's usually my cheap way out method anyway)

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    Give it a wash on the lower parts of the figure with a dusty brown colour ,let it dry and then go again until you have the lower legs and boots dusted up ,then add a little darker on the lowest parts ,dust and mud doesn't just sit on the outer surfaces it goes everywhere and then gets rubbed off the extremities , this will also subdue your damage work a bit which is a bit extreme at the moment.
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