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Thread: Another beginner WIP thread...

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    Chaotic Creations - do not worry, I do not take this criticism personally or as a diss to my work, on the contrary, if I didn't want to be criticised I would not start this WIP! I welcome all the criticism I can get
    As for the highlights, I get what you mean now, I don't know if I can pull off a smooth transition over such small area, but I'll try

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    I tried NMM for the first time ever I painted one side of the blade that will be mostly obscured by the cloak - a perfect place to test if I'm even going in the right direction.
    So, am I going in the right direction? Honestly I have no idea what to think of it...
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    Good or bad, it's done No going back now, painted the front as well. I think that it's not that bad for a first attempt, but there's a lot of work ahead of me
    I also started some other parts of the mini, like leather straps and cloth on his waist + various gemstones. Nothing is finished though, will work on all areas more.
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    Pretty damn good job for you first attempt... looks really good !!

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    That's looking awesome! Very nicely done! Also just want to say that your Belisarius looks fantastic!
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    Slow progress on The Visarch, my family was visiting so not much time to paint. I started the right arm and his head. I also bought some cheapest Primaris models I could find to do some airbrush experiments.
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    Nice blade, draws the eye

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    Thanks. The blade is not yet finished, I need to smooth out the blendings. This was my first time trying NMM so I'm happy that you like it

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    I finished some more crystals and his front robe piece. Bottom half is more or less done, apart from the NMM which still needs some work.
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    Very nice !!! What you have done so far looks brilliant !!! Love the blending on the robe bit !!!

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    The sharp highlighting of the armour and the gems look great.

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    Thanks! The cloak part was blended using a technique I learned from Flameon (, not that it's some revolutionary technique, just layering and glazing, but it was my first try at this and the results are not that bad. With some more practice I can see this working even better.
    bullfrog - yea, I generally try to avoid aggresive edge highlights GW-style, but this armor just begs for a sharp edges

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    It looks really great, and it feels like a big progress in comparison from previous one

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    great work. he's looking really good mate. gems are top notch. you will be a gem specialist with all of them!

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