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    Warm greetings from the southern tip of Africa. I picked up the base Arcadia Quest game a month ago from a local store and introduced it to our gaming group and it has since etched the love&hate for the game into our hearts, beyond that the mini's are absolutely beautiful. We've become hungry for much much more but I'm struggling with a bit of information overload, searching brings up an array of expansions: beyond the grave, various dragon expansions, lava, inferno and pets. I'm not sure how they all fit in, are some campaign specific, manufacturer specific and what is worth getting?

    Not to be biased against any of them we as group pulled together to just simply buy everything we could get our hands on, I contacted CMON directly but was told that since I did not buy the game from them they are not able to sell any of the expansions to me? Are all the expansions made by the same company? Unfortunately most international stores like Amazon don't even ship to our country (mostly has to do with the poor internal postal service that we have) but our local stores do stock the games it is just that it takes months or even years after a release to get to us (it's getting better though), and it was so brand new to us even the store from which I bought it from asked for a game before I leave as they waited 9 months for it to arrive. I'm not sure what I should do now, I mean I have the base game and it is good but I can't expand on it and it was really really expensive (about $140 USD).

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    Great, previous reply oblierated. Take 2...
    I presume you're in cape town you lucky bugger (although we like to convince ourselves that joburg is more vibrant, I digress).
    AQ is a great game - its easy to get into, can be played quickly. I've played space hulk, X-wing, Warhammer and SDE and AQ seems to stand out as the one that everyone enjoys the most and wants to play again.
    Keep an eye out for kickstarters (I realise this doesnt help you much now) - aside from very long wait times and the dog show that was shipping this time around, you get amazing value for money and more minis than you can shake a stick at!
    Outside of kickstarters, locally I've only found and as reliable stockists online and they source from overseas (sushi has better prices). Otherwise best to bite the bullet and go through amazon (recently the core box was elling for $50 although I missed that), miniature market etc.
    You could also join the ranks of the criminally insane and trawl ebay for kickstarter exclusives (I do this occasionally in much the same way that other people watch horror movies, not to actually buy anything).
    To answer specifically though, look up "beyond the grave", AQ inferno and AQ pets. They are all available to varying degrees (and more being released every day). Also check out the forums, I've noticed a few home made campaigns popping up. The general consensus appears to be that now with the 2 main boxes together with expansion and pets, there are enough minis for now with a further emphasis on campaigns...
    Oh, one final thing - no way round the expense in SA I'm afraid...
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