Bug in current version of IOS Zombicide companion
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Thread: Bug in current version of IOS Zombicide companion

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    Default Bug in current version of IOS Zombicide companion

    Not sure if anyone else has called this one out took me a while to track down the "why" part.

    Version 3.6 current as of right now for the IOS version of the companion app.

    Have purchased all addons

    If you select Brad, Rose , or Mack as part of your team if you quit the game at any point you will be unable to to reload the save game getting an unable to load game error.

    Lots of lost time trying to restart games as a result of this and very frustrating.

    I can reproduce the error every time, even on a new game start with only one player, and it is related only to these players,

    PLEASE FIX, Brad is my sons favourite character and he cannot use the app.

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    I have not run into that particular issue. Brad works fine for me. But I have not tried Rose or Mack.

    I would like to say thanks, though, for whoever made the app. Lets me run the game with my kids (7 and 8).

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    Seems to be fixed now in version 3.6.4 working for Brad, Rose, and Mack - thanks app developers, never said the app wasn't awesome - just said it had a bug.

    P.S. joined 15 years ago Naceron and no posts until now, interesting.....

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