Wulburg balancing issues - too strong PCs
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Thread: Wulburg balancing issues - too strong PCs

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    Default Wulburg balancing issues - too strong PCs

    Hi All!

    I write here to appeal to your colelctive wiseness and experience, in order to solve a disturbing balancing issues with Wulfburg.
    In few words, the equipment cards given with this expansion are just extremely overpowered even comapred with Artifacts.
    for example, these 3 weapons:

    -The Vampire crossbow from Wulfsburg: it requires the yellow danger level.

    -The Earthquake Hammer from Wulfsburg is a 2 damage weapon with "roll 6: +1damage".

    -The Chaos Longbow from Wulfsburg can cause dragon fire in the targeted zone with some luck

    And there's also a sword that gives "luck".

    Now, even by adding both the wulfabomiantion and the standard one, the game is absolutely overly simple. At least, for us. As I'm a kickstart backer, I tried to add some of the special abominations, but the game tends to casually shift between "Abomination pops and get slaughtered" to "there are more abominations than regular zombies".

    Anyone felt the same issue? There are official or unofficial suggestions about what to remove as items, or what to add as abomination to get a more "Core Set" game experience?

    Thank you all for your support!

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    our group is facing similar difficulties, so we decided to go with few house rulings. We do not have all KS goodies, only base set, wulfsburg and hero box 1.

    I'm not sure what impact will be but for now:

    - Abomination (regular only) is killable by dragon fire only
    - Vampire crossbow is usable at orange danger level

    We didn't get to Wulfsburg missions yet though...


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    I don't see this. Granted, I've only played the first mission of Wulfsburg, but my experience is that the main set missions are all over SUPER EASY (with one or two exceptions) while Wulfsburg is a meat grinder.

    Anyway, if you feel that the game is too easy, or too hard, take out or add cards of the equipment or spawn decks. This isn't even really a house rule. With a few adjustments, you can easily make the game harder or easier. If you use Wulfsburg EQ without Wulfz, then yeah, the game will be easy.

    Maybe throw in archers, crowz or one of the optional abominations or necromancers.

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    My wife and I have not had any major issues,
    We play with all KS Aboms
    2 NPC boxes (but only one set of cards)

    For the aboms I have a separate deck with one of each of their cards and 2 necro cards for a character we are not using to be for standard aboms. When we get a abom on a normal card we draw to see what type. House rule is also only 2 aboms and 2 necros allowed on the board at a time. Redraw if necro and downgrade a abom to a fatty if the board is full already. We also have the special aboms and necros be one shot deals, you kill em they are out of the game.
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