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    Wow, I can't believe how long it's been since I've been productive enough to post anything here, but here goes ...

    I've been working on creating a range of figures for fun with inspiration drawn from all,sorts of places, but have also learned new skills and reinvigorated my enthusiasm for the hobby and hope to do lots more in the future
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    These are cool. I wonder if they'd work better in the designer toy market than in the mini market ? Either way, super cool, love the style !!!
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    You should see if Legendarion will distribute. They would pair nicely with their line of chibi primarches!
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    Excellent .welcome back to the oz multi golden demon winner!!!

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    Lol - thank you, you must have a very long memory BloodASmedium ...

    Eyeayan- maybe? I don't know, to be honest, I'm not exactly sure what the designer toy market is! Maybe I should do some research

    And Zab- thank you also, I do love the Legendarian chibi primarchs, they're great. They're super cartoony though, I think mine straddle the chibi and 'standard' mini exaggerated proportions though and have significantly more detail in some respects than the Legendarian ones
    ( and that's certainly meaning no disrespect to theirs - as I said, I love them).
    I was aiming for the 'serious,but amusing' style lol. I don't know what I've captured though. I'm sure others are better placed to comment as I'm too close to it lol...

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    And a few more on the painting desk at the moment. I still need to tidy up a bunch of areas and add the arms
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    Wot! I love these, really fun! Nicely painted, too.

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    They just so happen to be the exact same size as those Spacemunkie
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    Lol, thank you. Yes, I've never used an airbrush on a mini in my life

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    These are fantastic, thanks for sharing. I love the second from the left giving us the sideways glance.

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    Thanks, yes, I definitely wanted to paint one up giving someone a bit of side eye
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    Now starting on some angry Eggbots
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    Love those nurgle bots
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    More work done on one anyway....

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    Heh. Those look rather funny, in a good way

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