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Thread: Purgatory receives the latest wave of models, ready for a paint station near you!

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    Default Purgatory receives the latest wave of models, ready for a paint station near you!

    It's been a good day over at Purgatory as we prepare to receive 4 new models for the Purgatory Range! If you missed it, you can read all about it here by clicking this link:

    The project is on track to be fulfilled in August and with only 2 models to complete and the rules to print now they have been finalised the progress is really good! But the great thing is, even if you missed out on the project there are 4 late pledges left, if you want one head on over to the facebook page and get in touch!

    Even better, if you just can resist and want just one, or maybe a few you can grab the range individually or as a collective over at the facebook store:

    But you want visual first right? Included in this are Faith, Cyan, Small Daniels, Bobo, Fallen Siren & Slayer

    So what do you think? Will you be heading over to look at what Purgatory has to offer?
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    Had a very nice chat with Purgatory yesterday.
    1:- The guys got a good product.
    2:- The Sculpts are really nice.
    3:- I bought a VERY NICE FIGURE.
    4:- I might have given him an Inspiration. (Hope so)
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