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    Default monster movement question.

    I have a question pertaining the monsters movement.

    when a hero attacks a monster with a ranged attack, ( lets say an orc marauder) but does not kill it, it says in the rules that the player to the right of the attacking player gets to choose if them onster moves or not , as the monster cannot reach the hero with the ranged attack.
    Now i interpretit the rule as that the monster either moves towards the hero attacking him or dfoes not move.

    But the people i play with say that they player can choose to have the attacked monster to move away from the attacking player.

    I really would love to hear if this is so , as to me that move makes no sense.

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    My understanding is that the player to the right essentially controls the monster (i.e. would act as the monster would). I think your interpretation is correct, it would be fairly ridiculous for a monster to get attacked and then move away from its would be attacker (remember these are monsters not accountants) although if the player thinks that's what the monster would do then I guess you cant stop him. The only time I move a monster away from a character is if another character I'm more likely to kill is closer...

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    The player to the right gains control of the monster movement and thus may perform his movement as he wishes. (won't be the first time I see a monster fleeing away from overpowered heroes!) xD
    Attacking a Monster triggers its Payback Reaction. Whenever a Hero attacks a Monster (even if his attack roll completely fails), the Monster is activated and may immediately attempt to strike back at his attacker. The difference with Payback Reaction is that the activated Monster may perform its Movement before attacking. The player to the right of the active player controls the activated Monster and may choose how best to employ it. After fully resolving the Hero’s attack, the Monster may move up to its full Movement rating (as listed on its card) and then attempt an attack against the Hero who attacked him (it cannot move after attacking). A moving Monster may choose to open doors and use portals or move in any direction he wishes, following the same Movement rules and restrictions as Heroes. The player controlling the Monster doesn’t have to move it or even perform its attack, if he so desires, but any attack made by the Monster must necessarily have the active Hero as the primary target (see example on page 22).

    If a Hero’s attack targets more than one Monster at once, only one of the targeted Monsters is activated; the player to the right chooses which one
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