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    Default [28mm unlocked now on KICKSTARTER] - Orc and Goblin miniatures

    Happy Valentine's Day!
    Here is a gift for you!
    Many of you have expressed an interest in our products, but want them in 28mm size.
    We have listened to you, and now we are proud to present that size as an option for pledging!
    We want to make sure that you have the options you want in this project, and are happy with your choice to support us.

    We thank everyone who has supported us this far, and if this change convinces you to support us now, we thank you to!

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    Name:  OlvFvcZ.jpg
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    Name:  zrTpDUZ.jpg
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    Name:  A5kjdOb.jpg
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    Hello, friends!
    Finally you can see all the add-ons to the goblin archer! I hope you will enjoy.
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