Favorite source for pin vise bits?
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Thread: Favorite source for pin vise bits?

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    Default Favorite source for pin vise bits?

    The bits for my pin vise have lost their edge; time to order new ones.

    Do you have a favorite?

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    These worked well as replacement bits, but I do have the army painter pin vise as well.

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    The problem with pin vise bits these days is that it seems darn hard to buy just the ones you want anymore. I rarely use more than two or three bit sizes but it seems that my local store and all the online stores in my country now only stock sets. I don't want to spend 20 bucks on a .5mm drill bit. If anyone knows where to buy single bit only I'd like to know too.

    Edit: I did find a site in the US but the bits cost $2.75 and the postage was $28 to Australia!!
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    I've enjoyed a supplier on Ebay a couple of times. UKdrills I think they're called. Could be there's a US based firm selling from that site on there too.

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