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    Default Tikki Trolls Kickstarter by Mortal Arrow

    We've hit our Funding Level!!

    This Kickstarter project features a fearsome tribe of trolls for tabletop gamers and hobbyists. The Tikki Trolls have an“old school” look -- lean and mean. There will have up to 9 different all-metal miniatures from 38mm to 54mm tall. All arms and heads are interchangeable for customizing your gang of trolls to have its own unique look. Go feral with claw and tooth alone. Add some South Pacific-inspired weapon: leiomano war clubs and bone-barbed spears. Turn up the regeneration factor with an array of mutated troll body parts. Or go macabre, with gruesome “living” weapons and arachnid augmentations. Tikki Trolls sculpts by master artisan Paul Muller.

    This first Kickstarter project for Mortal Arrow will be of a manageable size and well controlled.

    I’d be remiss not to mention that Pedro Navarro has sculpted some terrifying pets for the Tikki Trolls including, Giant Pedipalps, Giant Rhino Beetles, a Giant Slug from Hell and a Colossal Rhino Beetle the size of a house.

    Kindly take a look. Thanks!
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    Just passed the Funding Level! Thanks to all ofthe Backers. Now we have a bit more than three weeks to add as many minis aspossible. First up is my personal favorite, the Arachnid Rider Set. The TikkiTroll rider will be sculpted by Paul Muller and the Giant Pedipalp has alreadybeen sculpted by Pedro Navarro. Take a look at the artwork by Bobby Penafieland let me know what you think. Just $2,500 in Pledges gets us there.
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    Default Last Chance for EARLY BIRD PLEDGE LEVELS

    "Early Bird-Only" Rewards are Unlocked! See here for details:

    All Early Bird Pledge Levels close at midnight, tonight (June 11), so pleaseconsider Backing soon to get a guaranteed reward.

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    These are some of the most exciting miniatures to be released in years. Can't wait to get my grubby mits and them and throw some paint their way, some might actually stick! (Hey, it worked for Jackson Pollock)

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