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Thread: Since upgrade to new phone, can't re-download IAP (iOS)

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    Default Since upgrade to new phone, can't re-download IAP (iOS)


    Not sure where to go for this. The appstore page directed me here. I have the Xenoshyft app and have purchased IAP for the app however I don't seem to be able to restore them now that I have a new phone. What's the best way to resolve this?

    Xenyshyft 1.8.7
    iPhone 6S Plus 64GB / iPad Air 2
    iOS 10.3.2

    Thanks and let me know if you need any additional info!


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    Is this the correct place for support?

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    Hello Keith,

    Please email or go to and fill the form for proper support.

    I can advise you right now to make sure you are logged in to the same iTunes account as the one you've purchased the expansions in the first place, before trying to Restore Purchases.
    If that is indeed not working we'll look into, but please open a ticket with us using either method above.

    Thank you!

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