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Thread: [Kickstarter] Going Native: From Out of the Mists - New Native American Models

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    Default [Kickstarter] Going Native: From Out of the Mists - New Native American Models

    The New Offering from Paymaster Games and their Going Native line. Going Native: From out of the Mists is a model centered campaign that will cover different heroes, warriors, monsters and gods of the New World. This campaign is already funded, and we are working the stretch goals. Here is a link to the KS page - Here are some models from the campaign -
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    Update 12 -​​​​​​​ Pledge Clean Up and New Requested Pledges

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    you have some pretty nice designs (mostly the human ones (Itzpapalotl, Woodland clan mother, Maui, ...), some gods too (phoenix, Quetzalcoatl)) and minis (ogopogo)

    if you'll have them in a shop (and the minis from the design look good) I'll probably buy. Altough some I'd love to have in 75mm rather than the probably 28-30.

    edit: going through the updates... I really like that there is 2 body type versions of the Coatlicue.
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    Maxx, I don't know if he has his own online store per se, but he does have some of the older stuff on sale on Ebay and I see that Warlord Games has apparently picked up some of his figures. I assume that once this KS is over some or all of these figures will be hitting one or both of those sites.

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    Update 14 - WAR!!! Come with me now.

    New Stretch Goal, new requested lists

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