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Thread: Shrine's Mansions of madness WIP

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    Default Shrine's Mansions of madness WIP

    So I started off painting my Mansion's minis with craft acrylic (I"m cheap) then tried to step it up to student artist acrylic and finally decided to take the plunge and bought the Army Painter Mega Paint Set. All the minis that have the plain brown base were painted with the artist acrylic (Master's Touch from Hobby Lobby). The ones with the brick style finish on the base were done with the Army Painter.

    Keep in mind I'm pretty new to this and the last time I painted was about 15 years ago when I had painted some Tyranids for 40k. I'm only painting to a table top quality as I don't have copious amounts of time to spend on each individual miniature as they are quite a few minis that needs to be painted.

    Anyways, let me know what you guys think and criticism is always welcome.

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    It is great to have another person painting MoM here on CMON! I'm excited to see how you get on with them. For me, the mold lines and bases lead to more work and frustration but if you can navigate those, you can paint some nice looking minis for a really fun game.

    This forum is a great place to learn and one thing I have learned on my journey is that spending the money to get the best tools and paint for the job is absolutely worth it. A good brush can definitely help when it comes to painting eyes for example. Army Painter is a paint I haven't used but I can see a difference in your painting from using them alone. The colors are richer and more diverse. I really like the hand painted stone on the bases too. I was too scared to try anything like that on my investigators and I think it looks nice.

    Do you have any of the expansions for MoM? Those are what I'm working my way through now. I'm looking forward to seeing what you paint next!

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    Yes I have all the expansions so I definitely have my work cut out. We're going on a little vacation at the end of the month but as soon as we get back I'll have a little money to spend and am going to look into get a hobby drill, files, green stuff, and some sculpting tools. Some of the bigger minis have a lot of gaps in them and I'm going to try and fill them best I can.

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    You certainly do! It has taken me months to paint the base game and one expansion and I'm still not close to having them all painted (maybe around 75% now). Those will be wise purchases and they will come in handy with all of the small issues these minis have. I want to paint the Dunwich Horror one of these days and the amount of gaps on that figure really requires the tools you're planning on getting.

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