Anyone have any good tutorials on how to paint pigs and wild boars
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Thread: Anyone have any good tutorials on how to paint pigs and wild boars

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    Default Anyone have any good tutorials on how to paint pigs and wild boars

    I have been asked by a friend to paint some more Gremlins from Malifaux and these contains a lot of pigs and some boars.
    What i wanted to know is anyone have any good toturials on how to make them look realistic?
    (I mainly use vallejo colors but i can get a hold of other colors too)

    I could imagine that perhaps i could use some Vallejo model color black red mixed with dwarf skin and blend up to pure dwarf skin but i don´t know, so any advice i would really appreciate.

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    Boars are a somewhat easier critter to paint since the adults are usually either a black or brown. I recently did a Stormwolf from 40K in all brown and I started with Vallejo burnt umber over a black primer. I then worked up to Citadel Gorthor Brown then to Vallejo cork brown. I then used a burnt umber/black wash in the darker areas and a nice bit of cork brown drybrush on the light.

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    I've just started painting Gracie myself and I'm using mainly P3 paints as they resemble pig skin quite well. Firstly I basecoat in Ryn Flesh which is a darn good match to the sows and piglets in a friend's piggery. Then I shade with Midlund Flesh. Khardic Flesh makes a good second shade. If you wanted to go even darker you could use Iridian Flesh as a further shade. Personally, I prefer to use Vallejo Game Colour Skin Ink ( I think that's the name as most of it has rubbed off the label). I use it watered down by about half to allow me to build up the darker shades in deep creases gradually. Citadel's Seraphim Sepia can also do the same thing. If you want to give it a highlight then any ivory or warm white added to the Ryn Flesh will work.
    I can try give you the closest matches with Vallejo Model Color if you like but I'm not home at the moment to match the P3 paints to them.
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