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Thread: Custom Zombicide Artwork Commissions?

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    Default Custom Zombicide Artwork Commissions?

    Hey there guys! Recent Zombicide convert, first-time poster here. My other half and I have been playing a few games of ZCide recently, and are keen to start our own campaign with some friends. Thing is, we all want to make our own custom character dashboards with artwork. Does anyone know anybody who does commissioned custom artwork? Budget is fairly negotiable


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    Hiya BovineMadness,

    My suggestion would be to hit up deviantart and search for zombicide artwork. I'm sure you'd be able to connect with an artist there who works in the genre. I've got a couple contacts that I have commissioned before, but more in the comics/fantasy space than zombies. If you strike out on deviant, PM me and I'll send you their info.


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