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    Does anyone have any tips for painting true metallic metal at night? I find the task lamp despite it being great still causes considerable reflection making it close to impossible to see what i'm doing. I'm currently using a daylight task LED XL lamp.

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    Sorry no solution but I have got the same problem. I also have problems seeing contrast with non metall colors when the lamp is on.

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    Use more than one light and don't have them as close to the mini. Using more than one light is always a good idea, as you will get less of natural shadows as you work on the miniature.
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    I'm with Ritual in that I always use two lights so that less is thrown into shadow otherwise I'd get up in the morning and slate everything for a repaint in the evening. If it's a particularly hard piece to paint I'll get out a third light which, for me, happens to be a gooseneck lamp that is used in medical procedures. The light itself is on the end of the gooseneck and you can widen or close the lumen depending on your needs and whether you want a softer broad beam or a brighter narrow one. You can bend the gooseneck to wherever you need it. With the daylight lamp going it doesn't cast harsh shadows but rather makes the whole mini easier to see. I got mine from a relative that grabbed it from hospital surplus.

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