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    Can you take both combined movement and combined attack on your turn ?

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    I'm not sure what you're referring to when you say "combined movement". A combined activation is where models that share a keyword activate at once off of a leader. All the models must maneuver then act, or act then maneuver. You can't act with some and maneuver with others, then maneuver with the first group and act with the second ground.

    Models may choose to do a combined attack and pool their dice on one model, so long as it's a melee attack and they're in range/LoS.

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    Ok gotcha.
    So what if a combined attack against an Ashman Hakar does not generate enough hits to kill him, however does generate a Counterattack for the Hakar, which model becomes his target for counterattack? His choice?

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    Player controlling the Hakar's choice.

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