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    We played through the first 6 core box missions with relative ease. The rest of our KS pledge stuff showed up so we throw it all in for mission 7 and got destroyed....thinned out the spawn deck some and removed crows they were not crazy about them still getting mauled. Is there some trick to get balance and not make it too easy but keep it a challenge and not constantly lose mostly due to the necromancer rule?

    We have Knight Pledge, Deadeyes, Crows, both vip boxs, all heroes that came with KS plus Grom, Thalia and the Nerd box. As well as all corresponding special necros from pledge.

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    We played the famine scenario from the core game yesterday. We lost again. One of the things we have done is to remove items from the treasure deck that are no better than the starting weapons. Don't put all the zombie cards in the deck unless you are using them. Make sure you only have six necromancer cards in the deck. The scenarioo we played has a rule that you loose if one starting character dies. This makes it a bit more challenging. We need to always plan for that extra activation card being drawn. We still had fun.


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