Can't open XenoShyft after iOS 11.2.1 update
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Thread: Can't open XenoShyft after iOS 11.2.1 update

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    Default Can't open XenoShyft after iOS 11.2.1 update

    I've been playing XenoShyft for quite a while now on my iPhone 7 (earlier running iOS 10). Today i happen to update my phone to latest iOS 11.2.1. But now problem is whenever I am trying to open the game it's only displaying a white blank screen on the startup and closing itself automatically after few seconds. Can anyone PLEASE help me to fix it immediately?

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    I don't have an iPhone, so can't test that. But the Android version on my tablet is working. I'd suggest checking how much free space you have left, possibly uninstall something else and see if that makes a difference. Alternatively, try uninstalling and reinstalling the Xenoshyft app.

    Good luck.

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