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    Default Landing Craft Model/3D Printable Model

    Hey guys. My friend just bought a 3D printer and was looking for rivet wars stuff to print. I thought the PERFECT thing would be one of the landing crafts! I wasn't sure if anyone had made a printable model of the Landing craft or anything close that we might be able to use?

    If not, anyone have any ideas on what to use for the landing craft?
    ~Lieutenant Nathaniel Flint of the Landship Scorpios

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    I am going to write this up as a separate post but if you can get one of anything you can do a 3D scan of it for printing. If you have a high end printer it may have a scanner built in. If not local public libraries are starting to support both 3D scanning and printing. There are two nearby libraries that are in to 3D: one scanning, the other printing. You usually have to do some sort of sign up and maybe an orientation class but after that you can access the services.

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    There are some videos on You Tube on how to do 3D scans using a camera and some free software.

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    Found some. Your post gave me some ideas and I did some asking around and poof!

    WW2 Wargame Scenery

    Build Yourself Landing Craft

    Could be a good bet. If someone has experience with 3D printing they could really made these awesome.

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    Those are pretty cool, but will require some modification for your purposes. Mostly in the scaling, but you'll want to figure out where you want to put your plugs, and even if you don't create a hole for them (and use a drill later), you'll want to make sure there's space for it.

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    Also found these walls.

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