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Thread: FN robot page killing my posts!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRR! help?

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    Default FN robot page killing my posts!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRR! help?

    So I spend the time to write a "charming", entertaining update to my wip post. The damned "robot page" comes up. I tell it I am human, get redirected to an empty page. I return to find my post gone. So hard to go back and try again. Until I get this worked out, I just won't be able to enjoy my time here.
    Any help out there? I'm using Chrome browser with adblocker turned off. Something is similarly affecting my ability to access the shop page.

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    I have challenges occasionally with the robot page...(does the sign post count as part of the sign? Sometimes it doesn't pay to have a technical background). I have gotten in the habit of saving my text before hitting 'submit'.

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