OK, been playing Zombicide for a while now with Season 1 and Toxic Mall, I added Angry Neighbors a couple of months ago but have a problem with the scenarios/rules for companions.

Is there any other difference between a "Companion" (blue and orange symbol) and "Companion Token" (red and yellow symbol) other than knowing what type the former is before play commences.

Example: Angry Neighbors MO3 brief is to save ALL companions, In this mission 4 "Companions" are reasonably secure behind a barricade yet 3 "Companion Tokens" are in rooms which spawn as soon as a door is opened which could lead to these companions been lost immediately for example if two or more Seeker cards are drawn consecutively, something that could be possible right at the start of a game.

I suppose the million dollar question is, do Zombies ignore what is essentially a "Companion Token" (do we assume the companion is hiding in a closet or cupboard) Will Zombies ignore the token and advance towards survivors also can we even make a range attack against the Zombie in the room without hitting the "Companion Token"

Your thoughts please.