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    Default New Releases When?

    Did anyone heard something about the new releases? I know that they are delayed. but this is nearly two month ago.
    There is no new Information about this issue. It frustrades me. My hole group is waiting for the rest of the releases and nothing is happening. I contacted them over the wok page but didn t get a answer. Is there another way of contacting cool mini or not so that we as a hole community could build up some pressure?

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    I haven't heard anything. They might be planning for GenCon at this point.

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    I haven't even seen the releases from last year here.
    By here I mean in any shop in the eu. Simply all I can find are the starter boxes and none of the new stuff or the second book.

    Compared to that seeing new things (3rd book or more new units) seems largely irrelevant.
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    @MAXXxxx here you go.

    and what i meant is that the hadross CHars and the tekness Bombers are delayed. and some shaelhan releases are missing too.
    here you can have a look : execpt the moonlight executioners wich are already out the rest should have come out by now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by m0n5t3r0u5 View Post
    Thanks. I know them, and the little red dot means none in inventory and they'll reorder if they feel like it (likely never, experienced with other miniature lines)
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    If it is out of stock it takes a couple of weeks to get the ordered stuff. But you can buy it and get it without extra bordertaxes, which is an advantage. Could be worse......but also could be way better! There is still room for advancements

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