Help choosing my first airbrush and compressor
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Thread: Help choosing my first airbrush and compressor

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    Default Help choosing my first airbrush and compressor


    I've finally bit the bullet and decided I'm going to buy an airbrush.

    I have read and watched many reviews on different airbrush pistols and compressors and have narrowed my choice down to a few candiates... and here is where I am stuck.

    I have a budget of around 200-300 euro.


    Harder & Steenbeck Evolution Solo 0,2mm
    Harder & Steenbeck Evolution Solo 0,4mm Needle


    Iwata Neo CN 0,35mm


    Iwata Neo Air


    Iwata IS-35 Ninja Jet

    I'll mostly be painting tabletop quality 40k Miniatures and primarily use the airbrush for basecoating and shading. Perhaps when the time comes and I've advanced enough, some detail work.

    The Harder and Steenbeck and Iwata Ninja Jet are obviously the more expensive choices and my question is will it make a big enough difference to me as a beginner for the extra investment?

    I've chosen these two compressors as I need a relatively quiet compressor to be able to work in my hobby room at night without waking the whole house.

    Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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    Where are you? For parts and support you are generally better with HnS in the Eu and with Iwata in the US.
    Personally I'd go with HnS, but with the infinity 2-in-1. It's a bit better than the EVo and has both .2 and .4 needle and nozzle.

    Compressor... don't know but make sure one with a tank. It helps with longevity if the motor doesn't have to work constantly.

    Than again... if painting for TTQ --> 0.4mm is more than enough. and From AB a Badger can be more useful for you.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    I am in Austria (EU).

    I can't find a compressor with a tank that seems reasonably decent and quiet for under 300euro. That's a bit too much for my budget.

    The one particular shop I'm looking at ordering from doesn't seem to have this infinity you mentioned... could it be under a different name or maybe this:

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    but the Evo 2in1 is good enough.
    To be honest I have an Evolution Solo .2mm and am perfectly happy with it.

    Compressor... may be a bit too far (it's in Hungary), but:
    The AD-238 with the 3l tank is pretty good (I know about 10 WH players who own one and had no problems with it). it's cost is about 100 euro.
    He also sells AB-s ( ) and I tried them (AD-310 and an AD-319) at friends (they live in the same city) who bought AB+compressor from him. I felt it to be better than my HnS Evo. Somehow the controll was better.

    But the nothing tops the maintenance of an HnS. Cleaning them is just too easy.
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    Great, then the evo 2in1 sounds like a plan.

    That compressor you can't order online can you? Anything similar from an online dealer? Amazon or ebay? How does it rank in dB, is it quiet?

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    That I never used one like that, so no idea.

    That said I don't have high hopes for it. At least you'd have to get a good AB besides. So you'd pay 200 euro for a tankless compressor that could die on you in a year or so and a backup AB that'll be good for priming/basecoating/varnishing but not necessarily for details.
    (First AB setup I had was a similar cheap one. AB was subpar. After trying the HnS Evo I never wanted to use it again.And even used only for priming it died on me in a year (replacement costs more than a new noname, so don't even bother fixing it). Compressor followed about 2 years later and I used it maybe once a week.)

    one thing I learned from experience and from others: while the AB makes a lot of difference, but compared to the compressor it doesn't matter.
    A good compressor + average AB is a much better setup than an good AB + average compressor.
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    Get the best you can afford. They will last a long time and the learning curve is the same wheather you buy cheap or expensive. The difference is in the longevity of the product. Also take into account how easy it is to get replacement parts. You don;t want your painting delayed by a part that is hard to get or takes a long time ot get to you
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    Thanks for your help Max. I have ordered the compressor and tank from

    Nice guy!

    I have also splashed out a little more and ordered the Evo CR plus.

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