Its been a really long time since I don't pos anything, so here you go a step by step tutorial for anybody willing to have a real "GREAT" unclean one and don't know how.

Are you a nurgle adept? What are you waiting for? Would you like to try making you own greater daemon? Here is how I made mine.

DISCLAIMER: This Great unclean one is meant to be my blood bowl coach, altough the transition to 40k, fantasy or Sigmar you just have to make a sword, so It's easier but way less funny.

As in all my sculpting projects I follow a step by step procedure.



The first thing in my mind when thinking in an awesome Great unclean one is this artwork. Although later this would change for practical reasons

So with this in mind I made a 1:1 blueprint to help me with the skeleton


Building a structure to support such a huge miniature is dificult, in this case I used balsa wood and wire.


Once we have a structure we add aluminum paper. + I added a bit of a cheap putty to reinforce the aluminum body.


This step was made with supersculpey putty, In this step we will obtain the miniature without details.

Reaching this point I test de head as I was not shure if a small one would make the deal.

The small head didn't work out for me so after experimenting I came with this toad like face I liked.

So we have a body, a head, a pair of horns growing. Lets continue.

Modeling feet

This was my first time both modeling a face, hand and feet, but It turn out to be fairly easy. You just need ruber brushes.

Funny anecdote, horn turn out be stremely dificult to sculpt

Detailing phase

This is the longest and trickest part. At this point I started adding details, and preparing my anus for hands sculpting. Witch was surprisingly easy

comparing It with a blood bowl player so far.

The skin is fairly complicated, but fortunately I found a way of accelerating the process by a lot. You just need to mix greenstuff with handcream and using a oven(By the way you need an oven to use supersculpey).

how the oven works

Here you got an example of the oven technique




This is great unclean one, a Nurgle servant, Guts outside are a very nurgle theme. Guts are pretty easy to do, just make a long greenstuff **** and attach it to the miniature, then add skin like if it has been open from the inside.

Final step, adding nurglings

This is the best part of this project, gives tons of options to make it funny. So this are the ones I came with.

Final final step

With the guy nearly finished I just added more details, someone on facebook suggested me to add a yogi stile tie and I liked the idea, plus I took a flying base from and old fightaBomber

And here you got a size comparison with a bloodthirster