Seems like this year, we’ll have tons of Cryx models to show you. Here’s small force of classic style Cryx.

More: http://studiojollyroger.com/orleans-classic-cryx/

Dreadful Pigs army is growing. We finished another small part of the force.

More: http://studiojollyroger.com/spencers-farrow-minions/

We can officially say Yu Jing is our favorite Infinity army. This time we did them in jade and red. Enjoy!

More: http://studiojollyroger.com/jussi-jade-yu-jing/

Apparently Heralds of the Winter’s Moon is necessary addition for all Hunters Teams. Here’s another one.

More: http://studiojollyroger.com/jasons-guild-ball-hunters/

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