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    FigureMentors has put together its first painting competition. This is open to everyone who is a follower of either the site or their facebook page. If you're not already a follower, you have until the end of the competition (November 1st, 2017). All skill levels are encouraged to participate. There are categories for single figure (small and large), bust, monster/vehicle, diorama, and a special category (check the page for more info). All subjects (fantasy, sci-fi, historical, steampunk, etc) are welcome. People can either enter at the master's level (for people with experience in painting competition) or the journeyman's level (for people newer to painting competitions).

    In addition to a chance to win a medal, everyone who enters will be eligible to win one of the prizes in our random prize pool. We already have an impressive list of sponsors who will be providing that prize support.

    Check out the official announcement ( to see how to enter, read the rules, and browse the sponsor list.

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    Cool. Online competitons used to be too many too often to enter but nowdays it seems like most of them died off.

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    I love the idea of painting a new version of an old mini. Now we can all pretend we're ten ball!

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    I think I'm in!!!!

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    A competition? For painting? No. no, no. This will never work - it's too subjective. Maybe inspiration will strike before the deadline, better follow that page...
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    Glad to see the interest. I'd love to have all of you end up entering something!

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