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    Default Huge Charity Raffle

    Wamp is holding a raffle for charity to donate towards Tommy's as part of my attempt to raise funds for them (alongside my MTB challenge).

    With over £1,000 worth of prizes already confirmed from various companies (and individuals) and more being added all the time its a great chance to win yourself some nice mini related goodies and the priceeds go towards saving Babies.

    Everyday for the next 38 days there will be at least 1 prize (if not more) revealed.
    You can find out more here:

    Wamp Charity Raffle

    you can also find each days reveal on our Facebook page.

    All for a great cause so please dig deep and if you having anything mini related you would like to throw into the pot then please get in touch!



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    Fancy a free ticket or two?

    Go to this Facebook Post: Raffle Facebook

    Like, Share and comment on this post to get a free ticket. If you also buy at least 1 ticket we will give you another one free as well (if you have already bought tickets we will still give you free ones if you like share and comment this)

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    Just to update that the total prize value is now almost £1400 with the Gold Pot winner getting over £1000 worth of miniature goodies. Everything from Brushes and plinths to miniatures and complete boxed games!

    And theres still another 2 weeks of prizes to be revealed!

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    If your still on the fence about grabbing tickets for our charity raffle then heres a full list of the prizes. remember theres only 1 winner per pot so its a lot of stuff to win!

    Gold Prize Pot (Value: £1626.82)

    Complete set of Wamp Select Series Brushes and case worth £85

    Kabuki 75mm Death Dealer worth £96.82

    V3 Mini Holder All in Bundle worth £82

    $50 RedBox Games Store Credit worth £38.56

    Quint bust and plinth from White Shark Gaming worth £37

    2 x 40mm Dark Messiah Plinths worth £10

    $25 Credit for Secret Weapon worth £19.20

    £50 Broken Toad credit worth £50

    Roman Lappat Postcards worth £8.98

    Mechabrick Box Set worth £39

    Fantasy Etched Brass Sheet worth £6.99

    Captain of the Dammned from Goldfish of Justice worth £30

    Jason from Joek worth £12

    £15 Credit for Dark Art Miniatures worth £15

    Walking Dead Game + Lee & Clementine Set worth £50.41

    Death from Purgatory worth £10

    Blood Rage fro Studio McVey/Cmon worth £73.99

    £15 Credit for Joek Minis worth £15

    Fade from Mirico worth £53.76

    30% Off Voucher for Aradia

    Devilsong from Sirigos worth £49.17

    War Doctor from Bunyip worth £40

    Human Team from Willy Miniatures worth £90.36

    Battle for Zycanthus worth £68.97

    Chablator and L'bonimable worth £11

    WWII Paratroopers from Warlord worth £26

    Kolovrat from ART worth £18.05

    Hypno from Ourboros worth £18.12

    Infinity Pan Oceania set worth £72.95

    Eternal Hunter from Predastore worth £11.99

    Changying, Aria & Seals Set and Sybil from Morland Studios worth £51.47

    12 PLinths from Petes Bases worth £60

    Barbarian Dude by Emmanuele G worth ??? (£40?)

    Dwarven Mine Entrance from Fenris worth £30

    2 x Fusion Sets worth £50

    The Others Board Game worth £92.99

    Shark Day from Wonderlands Project worth £43

    Fantasy Bundle from Hasslefree worth £100

    Silver Prize Pot (Value: £449.32)

    6 Brush Wamp Select Series Set £35.49

    V3 Mini Holder All in Bundle worth £82

    25mm Square Dark Messiah Plinth worth £3

    Roman Lappat Postcards worth £8.98

    Fantasy Etched Brass Sheet worth £6.99

    Beast of Bakerloo from Infamy worth £18

    St Peter from Purgatory worth £10

    20% Off Voucher for Aradia

    Scrooge from Sirigos worth £25.03

    Gun Minis from Rogue Miniatures worth £27.85

    Dress a Johnny and Breizhgob worth £10

    Thorin from ART worth £10.85

    Succubus from Ourboros worth £18.12

    Raging Heroes Blade Maidens worth £35.43

    Thief of Hearts from darksword worth £11.59

    Changyin (metal) from Morland Studios worth £20.99

    6 PLinths from Petes Bases worth £30

    Fusion basic set worth £12

    Hailey Smith from Wonderlands worth £23

    Modern Bundle from Hasslefree worth £50

    Bronze Prize Pot (Value: £178.66)

    3 Brush Wamp Select Series Set £18.99

    25mm Round Dark Messiah Plinth worth £3

    Roman Lappat Postcards worth £8.98

    Fantasy Etched Brass Sheet worth £6.99

    Sorceress of the Circle worth £8.79

    20% off voucher for Purgatory

    Mage from Sirigos worth £17.88

    Sword minis from Rogue Miniatures worth £15.25

    Adam and Bill worth £6

    Hobbit from ART worth £10.85

    Dark Art Sudios Downloads worth £12

    Female Fighter from Darksword worth £6.18

    Brynhildr from Morland Studios worth £6.75

    2 Plinths from Petes Bases worth £10

    Fusion basic set worth £12

    Wayne England poster worth £10

    Sci-Fi bundle from hasslefree worth £25

    Wamp Bundle Prize

    Wamp 6 set bundle worth £103.92

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