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    Don’t lose faith buddy, they’re looking really great. Dark and gritty, much better than clean and bright.

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    Those orks are looking great, I love the checkering, really solid job and the weathering is spot on. You should be really happy with those. I have never been a fan of the Goff scheme, so have never attempted to paint one, but these look the part for sure.

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    Ithink theymatch the goffsvery well. Here’s something that might help- force yourself to finish them cause one their done you’ll live em in the shadspye table. Now I looove each and every artist that I feel are amazing in talent and creativity.your work is no exception. What I might have done diff ,and again I don’t think it needs it cause the heavy weathering is extremely well done technically ( and I have a great eye for that stuff as it’s all I do .) what I found in my trials is when weathering checker arks, or hazard stripes etc etc is that I keep the scratches, rust and all others techniques that I’ve chosen on my models, not so much to a minimum but in smaller patterns of it. This is so my hard work does not become obscured . Again I don’t feel this is the case but it might be able to shed light on what sometimes we’re after, and along the way we live what we see and don’t realize that the original plans were deviated from. Here are some examples to see how I have learned to approach patterns while still heavily weathering the parts in question.
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    again very amazing weathering - your good at it matey!!! Keep on crackin!!!

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    Thanks for the suggestions, BAM. I agree with what you're saying here, and you have lots of work to back up. I think my biggest problem with the Black scheme is the black - it feels like it needs more life. So next time I'll do it a bit differently as I grind through to finish these 4. I don't want to go back and do a bunch more painting on the ones I've finished - I want to paint new things.

    Fox and CC: Thanks for the comments!
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    Not a lot of progress on the orcs lately as life has been busy. I also started this small project for our local blood bowl league. Every season we have playoffs where the top 8 teams get to play for the league cup, but we also have a special cup for those teams that want to still play a few more games and didn't make the playoffs. It is called the Toilet Bowl. The big prize for winning this 'special' cup is a unique goblin star player to our league, appropriately called Turd. He is aptly named to reflect his personal hygiene practices (or lack there of) along with his sole purpose of stomping on knocked down players on the pitch. In a moment of 'oh, I have some ideas', I agreed to paint up a figure for the league last summer. We've already started a new season so I really need to get this finished and into the hands of the current toilet bowl champ.

    Here is the start of Turd - not sure yet if I've got all the details on him that I want, but I also didn't want to over do things as this will be a game piece to be shared with the league. I may add some drips to the back of his pants. How he's painted will really tell the sordid story of this odious fouler. I will add that googling images for researching this was unsettling... not sure I can ever wash my eyes enough to un-see some of the things that soiled my screen.

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    Frzentos def understand I myself have a tough time that probably why you seee me use decals- and then weathering-I rarely highlight my checkers I use the texture of weathering to give depth. Black is tough buddy especially checks and the wergrung the checks. I hear you test out something in other pieces I still love how the orla came out mate-it doesn’t at all take away the beauty of the pieces. Great job job again. Your a solid painter no doubt bout that bud. turd -I love it.

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    Nothing wrong with those orcs in my book, black can be a nightmare to paint at the best of times, my only advice is to mix another colour in so it's not quite black, this leaves room to shade it to black afterwards but what you have done looks great, as bam says youve added extra depth to it through weathering. Also I love the goblin star idea lol

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    Loving the Orc blood bowl team! they are awesome. Great gritty style too.

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    they look great. i like the dark and gritty look you are going for

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    Finally able to get to the workbench - its been a long week. Started adding paint - primarily the midtone and the shadows to the skin on Turd. Now I'm started to get jazzed to finish him.
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    Looking awesome, I wouldn’t highlight that face too bright you wanna make that booger stand out

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    Really nice interesting colours in the face so far

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    When da commish of our league says, 'He needs to have a roll of toilet paper.' Well, you add a giant roll of toilet paper. On his shoulder. With a skull on top. Yep, that sounds about right for a start like Turd. I feel soiled having this much fun...

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    I'm loving your style. Smooth blends, and believable weathering. I'm quite jealous!

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    Great stuff great stuff great stuf!!!

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    Slowly making progress on the stinky star. Painting time has been a premium with an out of town Blood Bowl tournament this past weekend. I'm hoping to have this guy done for our league's upcoming tournament in a week and a half. He's getting to my favourite stage of painting where the figure's story really starts to come out. All the colours are pretty much blocked in, some washes applied, and I've started to add more shadows. I did an experiment with the glove on the left hand where I painted it a light beige with some highlights and then washed it with a really dark black-brown ink & matte medium wash. it doesn't show up very well in the photos but I think I'm happy enough with that a bit of highlighting and it will done (I need to keep reminding myself that this is not to be painted as a competition piece but a nicely painted game piece). My workbench lighting doesn't really help take good photos, though I do find it super handy in helping identifying shadow areas and high points when I study the pictures I take.

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    he's looking great. really nice use of colour variations in his trousers and on the metals and flesh. good stuff
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    Still working away on Turd, but I'm not ready to post him yet. Instead I'll add a few workbench photos of the Bloodreaver I did to awhile ago to learn NMM and the loaded brush technique. It was a fun project though I wouldn't want to use it for painting volumes of troops/players.
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    This was my primary tournament Blood Bowl team last year as I used them for 8 of the 9 tournaments I played in during 2017. I still have a few more rats to paint eventually, including finishing the amazing Glart mini.

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    An extremely solid/ gifted artist. These are all abdolutely A-mazing!!!

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