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    That chaos guy is nice, the nmm looks good and impressive use of loaded brush

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    Thanks for the comments BAM & Sick - much appreciated!

    The dirty star is starting to come to life as I was able to get some workbench time. His skin is done (mostly) along with the shirt and the pants sans stains. I'm still hoping to have him done this week in time for this weekend's tournament, which is hosted by our league. The photos suck somewhat with too much reflection, but it was late and at the workbench.

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    pax et bonum

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    Very nice... really starting to pop !!!

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    Great stuff, coming along grand now. Nice work
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    The contrast on everything looks fantastic. Really love the red tones on the skin.

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    Thanks for the comments. It feels like progress is stuck in a bit of molasses, but it is moving forward. Worked on the red bits tonight and finally did a first pass wash on the leather straps. Away from the workbench the red areas are darker so I want to sleep on that, but I think my intent is to have them a deep dark red. I'm not sure I'll finish him before the weekend like I had hoped, but it also feels like I can see a light at the end of the tunnel for him. I need to continually remind myself that this is a game piece that other will be using, so I don't need to go crazy. But I'm really loving painting him - the blood bowl goblins are just full of a tonne of character.

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    pax et bonum

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    Operation TP feels like a success. Going to sleep on it, but I think it tells the story. Might need a few more stains and a bit of colour variation. I'm really starting to feel like the end is not too far off.

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    pax et bonum

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    he's looking great, nice work
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    Really starting to get close to the finish line on Captain Smellypants. I'm down to labelling, a couple coats of dulcote, finishing up the weather on the metal bits and his pants, and a bit more to the base. League day is this coming Saturday so I'm really, really hoping to have him done.

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    pax et bonum

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    Oh yeah, now this is really looking awesome!!! Fantastic work and great stuff pushing it to get finished on time...

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    Fantastic mini, great job!

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    excellent stuff, hes looking great.
    My WIP thread - where the painting and rambling happens

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    Oh yeah this is gorgeous.

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    Thanks for the feedback everyone. This project has been a labour of love - it will be hard to give him up. But I'm also looking forward to getting him off the desk so I can get on to some other projects. Lots of coaches in our league are excited to see him on the table and even possibly have them in their team in the future. I'll be curious to see how well the paint job stands up, especially on the roll of toilet paper. Nothing a bit of touching up and TLC won't fix though.

    I really love the new goblin blood bowl minis so its very likely there will be a whole bunch more on my workbench very soon.
    pax et bonum

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    Today I did dark, dirty things I'm not sure I'd every like to replicate. The final result is a bit over the top and I'm not sure how happy I'm am, but I'm also going to call this one done, pending some minor touchups, a potential plinth block for him to be magnetized to, and some good and proper photos of him. This goblin certainly has been a fun journey.

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    pax et bonum

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    Great work, the Finnished model looks brilliant . Loads of character ,well done
    My WIP thread - where the painting and rambling happens

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    I think he looks great! Well done mate, you should be proud of him

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    Greatest model ever- that is the most realistic line of excrement I’ve ever probably the only person in the world that’s ever said that.

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    Late to the party on this guy but it’s a great concept really well executed. Exactly the sort of thing I would expect from a classic GW mini, great to see you bringing that vibe to the new ones.

    The micro bog roll and skid mark are genius. Just noticed the steaming turd icon on the base too!

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    The textures on the medals look fantastic!

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