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Thread: frzntoz's painting adventure log

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    Your rust effects on the shoulder pads is outstanding.

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    looking great, keep at it.
    My WIP thread - where the painting and rambling happens

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    A hobby vacation means I should have lots to show off, but rather I ended up spending the week in the thralls of assembly a new Blood Bowl team. I've notoriously slow and methodical on this front. And I still haven't quite finish Gurzag as he took a back seat until the Blood Bowl team is finished. As I was indecisive on which team to take, I also started assembling a chaos chosen team from the new figures with some conversions, but quickly realized that I want to do a bunch more conversion work on them to fully make them *my* team and I don't have enough time to do that.

    I want to take a new team to the biggest tournament in our area, and there is nothing like an event to drive progress. I'm hoping to have a new team done in time for June 9-10. Eek. Already feeling like I'm way behind. I'm going to take an Elf Union team. There are some conversion to shake things up (some worked great, some less so). Here's a couple of photos of progress so far.

    The throwers:
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    The catchers.
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    The lineman.
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    The blitzers. The standard posed one has been replaced as I wasn't happy with the assembly (one of the first ones I did, and these elves are a bit finicky).
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    And the bases partially painted.
    Name:  IMG_1351.jpg
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    pax et bonum

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    Ok so I’m following this until completion 1) to keep them in your thoughts to see em till completion!!! And two I hate painting but liooove elves in blood bowl!!! Your cleverness and pro grade talent/ skill set will make these cause salivation!!!!!!!

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    Yeah looking forward to seeing these completed for sure

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    I can only echo my excitement for this project. I haven't seen a lot of Elves painted for Blood Bowl and I bet these are going to look excellent! I will be watching with interest

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