Sister Ilsa swampy basing.
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Thread: Sister Ilsa swampy basing.

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    Default Sister Ilsa swampy basing.

    Hi to one and all !

    Here's a big tutorial about the basing of my latets job Sister Ilsa.

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    Very cool.
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    Great tutorial. Easy to follow and great painting too. I like the little touches like the reeds and lily pads. What did you paint the wrecked boat with?

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    Hi Bullfrog !

    The proces for the wood is on a black basecoat, first basecolor is doombull, then I add deathclaw for first ligth, ungor for second then ivory. The technic is to paint tiny lines all along the process to imitate wood grain. Then last but not least I come back with sépia and agrax shades to smooth all the areas.

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    Thanks for that werewolf. I like seeing how other painters arrive their result by being able to pick the colours out once I know what is used. There is no right or wrong way to paint so I enjoy every individuals interpretation.

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