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Thread: [Kickstarter] The Wargaming Terrain Collection: 20 Digital Terrain Files for 3D Print

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    Thumbs up [Kickstarter] The Wargaming Terrain Collection: 20 Digital Terrain Files for 3D Print

    SimplePolytrix LLC

    SimplePolytrix is launching a Kickstarter this Friday for all you terrain aficionados! Twenty models are up for grabs in one large bundle, or you can back for 1 or 3 models instead. Project will run through August 20th, but there are limited Early Bird pledges available that cut the price nearly in half! Follow along in the above link for up-to-the-minute announcement of the launch sometime Friday morning! See below for some visuals.

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    I like the general shapes of the buildings (although not to the point of having me pledge on them), but you seem to have a good eye/hand for that. ^^
    The problem is that I don't like the "3D printed" texture they have once printed (the ones you show). On the other hand I do not know if printing them on a higher definition printer (or sanding afterwards) would solve that problem or not, because I almost know nothing of the 3D printing world.
    It's just my honest opinion trying to give some feedback to you.
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    Thank you

    Unfortunately the quality is a fault of both the printer and the limitations of the operator (not actually me, but I have limited knowledge of using a 3D printer though I'm learning quickly). These were done for prototyping so that I can check not so much the quality of the model but the intricacies such as pieces joining together, male and female ends used to seal better, holes that have parts that need to fit inside, etc. I was at the mercy of a local library's printer (and while the printer was capable of producing better resolution, the library sets it to lowest settings).

    A little acetone can do wonders to these models, or filing if you so choose, yes. The acetone can really make a nice, smooth finish that makes for easier painting. If I were not facing a tight deadline on getting the bundle done for a kickstarter this Friday, I would have been able to take more time to produce final models for beauty shots. Unfortunately that wasn't the case, and I had to settle for prototype views instead.

    I do sincerely appreciate your opinions, and I CHERISH feedback every way I can get it. We only get better!

    Thank you for commenting. I really appreciate it I didn't even realize this finally got posted.

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    Just wanted to put this video on this thread. I thought it turned out cool. 3D rendering I did transitioning smoothly over to the painted model. There are 3 little clips in all.

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    I wanted to give an update on this kickstarter. Right now it is 75% funded, and it is only 1 week into the 4 week campaign. The first Stretch Goal has been revealed, announcing to be unlocked if funded and the total raised reaches $3,000. At $4,000 the second Stretch Goal will be added to the collection.

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