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    somehow i lost some cards, 2 hero cards and some itemscards. Is there any possibility to get replacement cards or scans of the cards?

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    If they are regular basic heroes you have their cards on the arcadia quest website. But not as a downloadable cards. I would try to contact them through that site contact panel and ask kindly for replacement cards, maybe you are lucky enough...
    You can also check at the board game geek website under the arcadia quest family and see if there is someone willing to give/exchange spare parts...
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    Hallo again,

    could someone help me to get my cards complete again. I have asked directly to CMON support but i am still waiting for response.

    It would be so great if someone could scan the following cards and send them via Email:

    Hero cards:

    Item cards:
    Ghastly bow
    Widow's Lament
    Thorny Bracer

    Thanks a lot!

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    And hello again,

    i just found some nice pictures for the two hero cards. So printed them and it looks nice. But i realy can't find some pictures of the item cards

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