Introducing myself to the Legion
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Thread: Introducing myself to the Legion

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    Default Introducing myself to the Legion

    Hello All!

    My name is Arvin and I'm pretty much new here.
    I'm pretty excited to be part of the Legion!
    Any tips or tricks of the trade?

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    Welcome Arvin!

    Follow the Legion handbook it has some great info in there
    Make it Fun!
    Always be friendly to the public and any contact with stores or traders or clubs be informal but professional
    Make it Fun!
    Always "demo" something you are familiar with - prepare ahead of the event.
    Make it FUN!
    If you set times for slots (demos) - arrive ahead of time - preparation counts
    Make it fun!
    Be friendly by making it FUN!
    Remember to have FUN!
    Ask if you have query/question - we are members of a team.

    Where in the world are you?

    Besafe best regards
    Legion Member (UK)

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    Thank you very much for the warm welcome Sean!
    I really appreciate the helpful tips!
    I am from the US, more specifically San Diego California.

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