I am finding one of the enemy patrol route rules to be ambiguous and I would appreciate an official answer please.

It is regarding the 'Enemies Phase' section of the rulebook (currently page 28), under the 'Step 2 - Move' section, point 3. The rulebook reads that " If an Enemy reaches the Hero Starting Zone (or if it can’t get any closer to it) it will then start to Move towards the Exit Zone. If it later reaches the Exit Zone (or can’t get any closer to it), it will Move towards the Starting Zone again, and so on, as long as all Heroes remain out of sight and in Shadow Mode."

What happens if the enemy is patrolling to the Exit, then a Hero steps into a Light Zone behind them (towards the entrance) for one turn, but then goes back into the Shadows and out of LOS for the next? The enemies will obviously go for the Hero in their first turn, but what happens with the enemy movement in the following turn when the hero has gone back out of sight? Does the enemy resume their original patrol route to the exit? Or does the patrol route now permanently change back towards the entrance (because that is the direction where they last sighted a hero)?

This question has popped up on the BoardGameGeek site at https://boardgamegeek.com/article/26506314#26506314

Thanks for your assistance with this.